• AB7 Product information

    The fibrous nature of the coconut husk allows for the absorbent to suck the liquid into the fibres and prevent any leaching. Traditional spill kits rely in sand or clay granules. These both rely on their surface area to be covered in the sppilled substance, This in turn requires the person to actively rub the sand/clay into the spill in order to coat it.

    AB7 merely requires you to cover the spill and a quick stir to bring more of the product into contact and it does all the work to lock the spill within.

  • Cheaper, safer and easier to use

    AB7 works quickly,
    it takes less of the product to clean a spill, it leaves no residue and is multi perpose.

    The applications for AB7 are endless and it can be used in the garage as easliy as in the kitchen. The contaminated AB7 canbe incinerated or disposed of conventionally.

AB7 will absorb



Lubrication Oil

hydraulic oil

vegetable oil

all types of paint

liquid fats


bodily fluids



Sustainable, organic coconut husk

The core ingredient to our product is the outer husk found surrounding the coconut. This is a by-product of the coconut industry and is free from chemicals and inorganic contaminants. Several other dried organic plant components are added to improve effectiveness.